How to Save Money in A Tight Economy

In today’s economy, with prices on everything from groceries to gas steadily rising every week, money is tight. Monthly utility bills are rising faster than the rate of inflation. For instance, the average rent in the US has risen to just over $1500 a month and over half of Americans are finding it difficult to … Read more

31 Small Frugal Habits That Save Money Around the House

People consistently ignore habits that they feel “aren’t worth their time” because they aren’t saving enough money by doing them. However, when it comes to frugal living, it’s the small amounts of money that add up to big savings over time. By being consistent in even the smallest habits, you can accumulate significant savings. Over … Read more

Easy, Smart Ways to Stop Wasting Home Energy

If you get your utility bill each month and feel like you’re just throwing money away, you may be. Studies show that 35% of home energy consumption in the U.S. is wasted energy — that’s energy you’re paying for but isn’t doing you any good. This energy inefficiency drains your finances and leads to higher bills, … Read more

How to Save $1000 This Summer (Even on A Tight Budget)

Article abound, telling you how to save large amounts of money—like $1000 in a month or $10,000 in three months. But, the current stress of stretching your dollars and figuring out how to adjust your budget for inflation, can make goals like this feel overwhelming – or downright impossible. So, instead, let’s focus on a … Read more