12 Places to Buy Lightly Used Gifts at Fantastic Prices

Nothing is worse than staring at a list of gift recipients and having absolutely no clue where to go to get them something at a price that you can afford!  I don’t generally head to the local mall at any time, Christmas being no exception.  I find even the sale prices to be astronomically high.

As you might imagine, I spend a good deal of my Christmas buying lightly used items at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Mission Mart.

 However, today, I wanted to share my super secret list of retail establishments where I shop for affordable Christmas gifts. 

 Plato’s Closet

 Plato’s Closet sells moderate to high quality name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories.  They cater to all members of the family.  When you bring in your used items, they will make you an offer, which you can take in cash or store credit.  Here’s a link to their website so you can find a location near you.  

We visited Plato’s Closet a few months ago! I have boys who love to dress in ties and good clothes.  I was looking for dress shirts for Daniel.  They had a lot more casual clothes than”dressy” ones.   But, they did have a HUGE selection of name brand items. The prices are higher than Goodwill or Salvation Army.  But, if you are looking for something special, then this is the place to look.

Clothes Mentor is a franchise which specializes in high end Ladies’ clothing in sizes 0 – 26 and maternity.  You won’t find any children’s or men’s clothing at Clothes Mentor.  

 Here is the description from their website.  “At Clothes Mentor, we buy and sell high-quality, gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories that are like new—for less!  

Like Plato’s Closet, you can bring in items you are no longer wearing or using and get cash or store credit.  If you don’t have time to shop, you can have a Clothes Mentor personal shopper do it for you!  

Check out all the details on their website and find a location near you. 

Join A Buy Nothing Group

My neice, Kira recommends joining a local Buy Nothing Group.  Here’s what she says about her great neighborhood group.  “I have SO much luck with my local Buy Nothing group, it’s ridiculous. They offer up anything they’re not using and it helps us get to know the neighbors! Last night someone brought us 2 pies they ended up not using at a holiday party! I look to them for holiday decor, baking supplies when I unexpectedly run out, and anything I don’t mind bringing in a little used. Books and toys are always up for grabs there.”

Here is a link for their website.  They describe their mission in these words.  When people ask us what a Buy Nothing group really looks like, we tell them it’s a Facebook group that’ll give you a hands-on chance to take part in a social movement spreading across the globe, enabling people and communities to commit episodic acts of daily good together. We provide the freeware for you to set up local gift economies, using social media to bring to the fore myriad random acts of kindness for neighbors to partake in day-in and day-out. The gift economies are sharing-groups, where members of a community get to know each other by giving, asking, and expressing their gratitude.”  

 You can plug in your address to find or start a group near you.   I was AMAZED at all the groups, not only in the United States, but also in other countries.  Fantastic idea!! 

 Electronic Resale Shops

This is just what it sounds like:  gently used electronic items of all kinds at bargain prices.  These shops buy your used items and offer you cash or in-store credit.  When you go, do ask about their return policy and be sure that you have it in writing.  Although, reputable shops all check their inventory over fairly well and and are transparent about physical or operational flaws.  

My sons love Mega Replay, an electronic retail shop who specializes in lightly used electronics, movies, and games.  You can easily find a host of items for under $5!  Sell your items to them for either cash or in-store credit.  They have a large $1.00 movie section and most of their extensive collection of DVDs and Bluerays are quite reasonably priced.  They also sell electronics of all kinds – phones, electronic pads, gaming systems, computers, and every accessory you could imagine.  My boys and husband have bought a lot of items from them and been very pleased with their prices, quality, and service.  They also have a generous return policy – which we have had to use on occasion – and their staff has been fantastic at insuring that we are happy customers. 

Children’s Resale Shops

Most locales have one or more of these shops.  Their specialties, inventory, prices, and return policies are all set by the owners.  So, ask about these when you stop by or call.  Over the years, my husband and I have found wonderful top-of-the-line items at resale shops.  They are definitely worth a look!

Replay is a shop that I just discovered last year!  I was invited to a birthday party for my great-great-niece’s first birthday.  Replay sells Tots to Teens (Infant to High School) clothing, shoes, toys, and a whole lot more!  I was amazed and delighted with their selection and prices!  The owner was super friendly and very helpful!  Everything was clean and nicely displayed.  They have a $1.00 rack.  I bought two full outfits, a pair of jammies, and a sweet sweater for just over $13.00!

Antique, Vintage, or Craft Mall

The must smell of old varnish and the look of wonderful old patina!  They set my heart aflutter!  I love shops that specialize in anything old!  Ask around.  You’ll be sure find some in your area.  These shops range from upscale establishments with an inventory worthy of the Biltmore Estate to something that looks like the owner just hauled it out of a barn.  Both of these extremes have their own unique charms and I’ve spent many a fun afternoon strolling and digging through them all!  

Two Sisters is an elegant and eclectic mix of antiques and crafts.  With over 100 vendors, Two Sisters is a really FUN visit!  If you want unique, one-of-a-kind gifts, this is the place to go!  You’ll find everything from 1970’s memorabilia to Victorian objects to clothing and unique craft items.  This is my go-to place for hard-to-buy-for people on my list.  I have never failed to find something that fits the bill (and at the right price, too!)

Used Bookstores

You just can’t beat the prices of used bookstores!  Most of the time you’ll also find a selection of used DVD’s or Bluerays in these stores, too.  They will purchase your used books for cash or in-store credit.  Do check out them in your area.  Here’s a link to my tutorial on used bookstores, what they offer, and what you should ask. 

My very favorite local used bookstore, Book Rack Used Books and Gifts, is incredibly involved in our community, participating in an enormous number of special promotions and projects designed to make our town a better place to live.

Most books are priced at $6 or under.  There is also a fantastic selection of gifts and book related items!  I love this shop!!!  


If you know where to look, you can score barely used items from top designers and manufacturers. Some require you to bid against other potential buyers, while others just list a price and it’s “first come, first served.”


Letgo is an app, which allows you to list or purchase items in your area. It is 100% free, easy to set up, and easy to navigate. Items are listed by type and can be sorted by price and timeframe in which they were listed.


Poshmark is the number one fashion resale site in the nation. Sellers pay a modest commission fee for listing and selling items. Buyers can find a HUGE array of name brand clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and household items at up to 70% off of retail prices. You can ask for the assistance of stylists. Priority mail ensures delivery in two days.


The granddaddy of on-line shopping is still very much in business. You can, seriously, find items in nearly every imaginable category, at eBay.

Facebook Marketplace

My husband and I have used Marketplace to both buy and sell many items. Although, you must adhere to common sense principles in where and how you meet potential buyers and sellers, we’ve found it to be a great way to make extra cash and unload items from our home that we no longer use.

For help selling items on Marketplace, view our tutorial from YouTube.

Facebook Local Used Merchandise Groups

Most larger locales have their own “for sale” pages on Facebook. Just search on Facebook for your area and you may find another treasure trove for finding quality, barely used items for sale.

What about you?

Have you had luck at finding and buying used items at terrific prices? I’d love to know. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I volunteer at Church Mouse on Main. we often get new and designer items and they are very inexpensive. loads of Christmas items on sale now and purchase income goes to local charities.

    • Elaine, thanks for stopping by the blog. I LOVE that idea! Church-based charities often get like new or brand new items donated and they are great sources for quality gifts for very reasonable prices. The other thing that I absolutely adore is that all the money stays local. So, when you shop there, you are helping people right in your city! Thanks for the reminder!


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