Keep Your Kitchen Cool with These Quick, Easy Recipes

When the thermometer rises, it’s time to turn to recipes which keep the heat out of the kitchen. Using kitchen tools like your microwave, pressure cooker, air fryer, and crockpot will help eliminate sources of excess heat. Thankfully, there is a huge assortment of seasonal produce, which aligns perfectly with the goal of creating meals … Read more

Inexpensive and Easy Crockpot Layered Cabbage Rice Casserole

Cabbage reaches its lowest price per pound in mid-March as St. Patrick’s Day specials hit the shelves. However, don’t neglect to search your local farmer’s markets. In June or July. I have found seriously great deals on absolutely huge heads of locally-grown cabbage at farmers markets. You can save big money on groceries when vegetables … Read more

The Importance of Learning to Forgive Yourself

I am about to get very real with you about a problem that I have (and maybe you have, too.)  When I make a mistake, for which I would gladly forgive another individual, I have a really hard time doing the same for myself.  I HATE making mistakes.  I recently loaded the oven up with … Read more