9 Simple Ways to Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

Summer temperatures have hit with a vengeance. The daily heat index is now often over 100 degrees. Not only that, we sit in our homes and listen to the central air cycling “on” – over and over again, in a seemingly endless loop. Mentally, we brace ourselves for the next utility bill to arrive, knowing … Read more

How to Store, Cook, and Preserve Sweet Corn

When I was a child the summer song was, “Knee high by the Fourth of July.” However, newer hybrids have made it possible for us to enjoy our favorite summertime treat much earlier, and for much longer, than we did in the 1970’s. It’s always a happy time when it is sweet corn season. Despite … Read more

Nutritious and Flavorful Vegan Chickpea Soup

It’s time for my world famous chickpea soup.  Okay, maybe regionally famous? Truthfully, I have served this soup to many friends and relatives who would categorize themselves as meat eaters.  Nearly every single one of them has given this soup two enthusiastic thumbs up! I created this recipe probably 20 years ago.  I love the … Read more

4 Powerful Reasons You Should Be Spending Cash

I stood in the middle of the grocery store aisle, staring at the produce. Grabbing the tattered envelope from my pocketbook, I counted out a five dollar bill and then added 78¢ in change. Punching numbers into the calculator perched on top of the cart, I verified that I could afford both the 10-pound bag … Read more