How to Pay Cash for Christmas This Year

Christmas – especially in 2020 – is uncertain.  Many have lost jobs or find themselves second-guessing if (or when) their state will lock down again, possibly leading to shortages at the stores and skyrocketing prices. Not to mention the fact that the sense of isolation is leaving many of us discouraged and downright depressed.  That’s … Read more

Why Black Friday May Forever Be Changed

Black Friday is no more!  Well, at least in the form that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing it.  Last year, on Black Friday, shoppers spent a whopping $12,000,000,000. (I think I got the right number of zeros in there. Math people, double check me!) It’s supposed to be 12 billion dollars!  That leads us to … Read more

A Fun Way to Help A Needy Child This Christmas

Pleas for money come fast and furious, especially during the holidays.  It is really hard when you live on a shoestring budget to figure out how to give to others when you are struggling to get gifts for your own friends and family. Even while raising our sons on an income which averaged 30% below … Read more