6 Easy, Healthy, Yummy Rhubarb Recipes

I remember as a child seeing the bright red stalks emerging from the ground every spring. My mother waited until just the right moment to cut them, strip off the leaves, and then cook them down into a tasty dessert.

That’s right! I’m referring to rhubarb. The sour notes pair perfectly with a splash of sweetness for many recipes.

But, rhubarb is good for more than just desserts.

Read on to see six amazing rhubarb recipes. One may be destined for your table.

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Raspberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

I was delighted when these bars turned out picture perfect. There was leftover fruit compote, which was delicious on homemade bread.

Strawberry Rhubarb crisp

The perfect combination of sweet and sour, with a bright red color that just makes me happy, this dessert is sure to please the entire family.

Spinach Salad with Rhubarb Dressing

This savory sweet dressing is not only perfect for this salad, it would also be great drizzled over rice or couscous. You begin by simmering the rhubarb with vinegar and sugar, creating an old-fashioned boiled dressing – the kind your grandma used to make for family potlucks. This stuff was absolutely divine! I would make it again any day of the week.

Savory Rhubarb Salsa

I would never have conceived this combination, but it’s really good! The recipe says that you may need to add a tad more sugar. You will. I liked it. Some in my family added a few chopped tomatoes and called it delicious.

Chillled Strawberry Rhubarb Soup

Image by Gelly___ from Pixabay

We adore soup. I make three different kinds of it, every week, year-round. Soup is one of the main strategies I use to feed a family of 6 on just $375 a month.

If you’ve never had a chilled fruit-based soup before, you are in for a treat. Strawberry rhubarb soup is seriously easy to make and is the perfect for a summer-time starter course or even for breakfast!

Smoky Roasted Rhubarb Burgers

This meat-free burger recipe combines the unexpected, and yet distinctive, flavor of rosemary with the sour notes of rhubarb and white beans. Divine!

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