6 Inexpensive Gifts That Co-workers Will Love

Giving co-workers a small gift at Christmas can be both meaningful and inexpensive. We all want to tell those with whom we work that we appreciate them. If your office has a Secret Santa gift exchange, then you’ll find some great, affordable ideas in this post!

So, let’s look at some ideas that are both practical and classy, yet don’t cost an arm and a leg. I included a variety of price points, from $3-$15.

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1. Novelty pen

If you work in any medical field, I think these colorful syringe pens are wonderful! A 12-pack is less than $10 on Amazon. If you have a lot of co-workers, order the 24-pack for under $20! They get high ratings in the reviews, too. Clever, fun, and practical!

2. Fun Holiday-themed Travel Mug

These double-walled Christmas travel mugs will keep your co-worker’s java warm all the way to work! This Grinch inspired pattern is fresh and fun! Hey! This mug is a great price, too. It’s available at Amazon for about $15.00!

3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

I cannot tell you the number of times I look a microfiber cleaning cloth every day at my house! If it’s not my glasses, it’s another electronic screen that needs to be wiped down. I carry them in my purse and car, too! Any co-worker would appreciate of of these along with a holiday card! Want to get them a complete cleaning package? Check out this 3-pack of cleaning cloths with a small, bottle of cleaning spray, available at Amazon for a super low price! Score!

4. Herbal Tea Assortment

I absolutely adore this idea! You get a HUGE assortment of Stash herbal teas for about $15.00! You get six themed boxes. Divide them to give to co-workers for a fun gift at a bargain price.

5. Holiday Mouse Pad

I seriously like this nostalgia inspired mouse pad! It just evokes all sorts of warm feelings and congers up memories of favorite Christmas books, movies, or music. It’s affordable, too at around $7.00.

6. Premium Hand Cream

I am a serious fan of Burt’s Bees products. These shea butter based hand creams will help winter hands stay soft. The fact that these are all natural and smell great are added bonuses! Oh, and did I mention that this hand cream is priced under $10? It’s a great deal!

What did I miss?

What have your very favorite co-worker gifts been? Let’s connect in the comments!

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