6 Quick Ways to Earn Extra Christmas Cash

Christmas is, seriously, coming in a matter of days. We all want to bless others and let them know how much we appreciate them during this season of joy. But, what if you have not saved enough money for Christmas?

Although much of the year is already in the rearview mirror, you do still have a few options that will net you some spending money in a hurry.  

1.  Reduce your Christmas budget 

Keep the total to the amount of money you have on-hand and can comfortably take from your other budget categories. No matter what, don’t go into debt. Trust me, it will make your current situation worse if you do. Don’t borrow from Peter to pay Paul.  It’s takes too much effort and time to pay Peter back. 

2.  Reduce the number of people on your list

When we were raising our children on a very low budget, we had to slice and dice our holiday gift-giving list.  After having a couple of children, we contacted all of Larry’s family members and told them that we were opting out of the family gift exchange.  We simply did not have the money.  It wasn’t necessarily popular, but we were determined to live within our means! 

3.  Make and give DIY gifts. 

I have done this a lot! If you read through my suggested posts at the end, you’ll find lists of all the DIY items that I have made and given as gifts through the years.  It’s actually pretty fun!

You can Google and get a lot of ideas!  I did soup mixes in quart jars one year and added some homemade hot cocoa and quick breads.  I arranged all the items in pretty containers that I had bought in late January for 90% off at Big Lots.  Score!  Friends and neighbors loved them! 

4.  Work side jobs for a short time

Nearly all businesses are hiring part-time, short-term help for the holidays. If you need extra cash, this may be just the ticket for you. Generally hours are flexible and, who knows, you may find that you like it and the company may offer you a permanent gig after the holidays are over.

5. Sell possessions. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for selling items on Marketplace.  You could sell some of those handmade or home-baked items to get cash for your Christmas!  Since it’s Christmas, people are in the “buying mood”. Some of the items you don’t use (some of which are still in the original packaging!) can be sold on free venues like Facebook Marketplace.

My husband is a very successful Marketplace seller! Watch his step-by-step tutorial below.

6. Donate plasma.

Plasma is the clear portion of your blood. Unlike donating blood, plasma donation is a longer process, averaging 45 minutes. However, you are paid for your time and can do it twice a week, with at least 48 hours between donations. It’s not more painful than donating blood and you can make around $200 a month.

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  1. Your #3 suggestion is one I grew up with and still practice every year. Last Christmas I made homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate mix. They loved them. The year before I made seasoning packets and included a favorite recipe for it’s use. An example was spaghetti seasoning with my sauce recipe. Inexpensive and appreciated.


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