Have Family Fun Without Spending Money!

Let me show you how!

Raising four sons on a low income, we devised a lot of ways to create memories, connect as a family, and do it on a dime (or maybe even a penny).

We had a blast! – and you can, too.

60 Free Activites: How to Have Fun Without Spending Money, features:

  • 20 – Tried and True Family Activities
  • 20 – Romantic and Fun-Filled Date Nights
  • 20 – Stress-Reducing Self-care Routines

And the best part is – every single one is FREE!

I also give you the inside scoop on the twelve places I regularly consult when looking for free (or nearly free) fun activities.

Over the past three decades, my children have participated in a multitude of events and we have rarely spent even a penny for them to do it.