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It’s the perfect combination: great information and a great discount!

I have both for you today!

Great Information – a free webinar

I recently recorded a webinar with my utility provider, Ameren Illinois! In 45 minutes, I shared a multitude of tips and strategies for saving on energy while sheltering in place, general savings tips, and summertime saving strategies.

To view the webinar, click here or on the image to be taken directly to the Ameren Illinois webinar page.

A Great Discount – over 30% off!

I was so excited at how well the webinar went that I wanted to offer a very special, limited time discount on the Home Energy Savings Guide.

Save over 30% through June 30, 2020. Enter the discount code “AMEREN” at check out to grab your copy for just $7.95!

“I was blown away at all of the ideas.”

“I used to think that I couldn’t do anything to change my utility bill, but after reading the Home Energy Savings Guide, I immediately did the review of my budget billing and found out that if I averaged the bill myself, I’d save $100 over the year! I’m excited to implement your other tips for even more savings!”

Charissa Quade,

You need heat, air, lights, and electricity. Yet, the cost can threaten to sink your budgetary ship, especially in the hot summer and frigid winter.

It can be incredibly frustrating, and downright frightening to open your utility bill each month.

I felt that way for years! We were raising children on a very modest income and counting every nickel and dime.

That’s when I began researching ways to cut our utility bills down to size, like most people, I believed that my energy bills were pretty much “fixed” and really couldn’t be lowered.

Yet, I was determined to find ways that I could move the needle of my bill downward in my favor. There just had to be ways to save money on utilities.

I was right!

As I researched, grew in confidence, and saved money, I realized that I truly wanted (and needed) to share my knowledge with YOU.

Not only can you lower your bill, you can do so quickly, easily, and inexpensively!

Enter AMEREN as the discount code when checking out to receive a $5.00 discount through June 30, 2020. 

Let’s face it. Living on a budget is not easy.

  • You are careful.
  • You consider every purchase.
  • You count each penny.
  • You cut back where you can.

This easy-to-use guide lets you customize how you save, putting the choices firmly in your hands.

When you purchase the Home Energy Savings Guide you receive a book that is:

  • Researched and footnoted
  • Fully indexed by topic
  • Easy-to-use
  • Color coded for ease of use
  • In-depth information
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Just $12.95

I show you exactly how you are using power in your home. Then, I break your bill down into smaller pieces, examining ways to impact each portion of your monthly bill, reducing your usage and your utility bill anxiety.

Hi! I’m Hope Ware.

  • lifelong Central Illinoisan
  • married since 1988
  • mom to four amazing sons
  • home educator for 2 decades

When I’m not writing or speaking, you can find me power walking while humming songs from the 70’s, creating vegan versions of American comfort food, or singing jazz and spirituals with my friends and fellow musicians in the Heritage Ensemble.

My husband and I raised our children, debt-free on a salary which was consistently under the national US median income. Along the way, out of absolute necessity, I learned strategies, which helped me save money in every single category of my budget, including utilities!

I wrote the Home Energy Savings Guide – to give you help, hope, and a clear plan of action for lowering your utility costs.

Ready to buy? Click the red box.

Remember to use the coupon code AMEREN to receive a $5.00 discount through June 30, 2020.

Need more info? Let’s take a closer look.

Your utility bill is one, large pie, comprised of several smaller pieces. I break the total cost into easily-digestible chunks.

No matter where you live, your energy bill is made up of six basic areas:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Lighting
  • Water Heating
  • Appliances
  • Electronics

Each of these can be affected by how and when you use natural gas and electric power.

Once you know what to do, there are simple, easy changes that you can make, which will lower your utility bills.

I gave each component of your utility bill a different color, providing easy-to-understand icons throughout the book.

Want to save on cooling? Look for the blue circle.

Are you a renter? Just look for the yellow circle icon with the big “R” in the middle.

Want to see all of the tips for heating on one page?  Each category has its own personal page at the front the book, along with a list of associated tips and the page on which you will find each strategy in the book.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Home Energy Savings Guide.

Question: Don’t most people know this stuff?

Answer: The fact is, we tend to view our lives as existing in stasis. That’s a fancy word that means that everything tends to remain the same – it doesn’t change unless acted upon by an outside force. So, unless you believe that you have control, then, essentially, you won’t seek to create an environment in which change can place. You need someone, like me, to show you the way and give you the power to make changes.

Question: Is this book just a list of tips? 

Answer: Not at all! It’s a complete guide, designed to help you not only understand your energy bill, but also know which areas make up the largest share of that bill and steps you can take to lower your usage. 

Question: is it easy to use? 

Answer: Absolutely! It’s completely indexed and color coded by topic, making it super easy for you to pick an area to work on and then find specific tips to help you reach your goals.

Question: I rent. Can I still use this book? 

Answer: If you rent, no worries! I indexed every single tip, which is applicable to renters and gave you your own special icon at the top of each page, which contains “renter friendly” tips. 

Customer Review

Hope, I could go on and on about how helpful the “Home Energy Savings Guide” is!

My renter home is old, drafty, and expensive to heat. So, I was excited to hear about the bubble wrap on windows to save money. I have used the window kits, but it can run up in cost and who nowadays doesn’t have bubble wrap?”

Margaret, 5-star review

The Home Energy Savings Guide puts the “power” in your hands!

Special Savings Offer

I was so pumped about all the great information I shared in the Ameren webinar, that I wanted to make sure the everyone had the opportunity to learn about saving on their energy bills.

How about a $5.00 discount on the Home Energy Savings Guide?

Regularly priced at $12.95, you’ll grab your copy for just $7.95 when you enter the discount code AMEREN before check out.

Save over 30% on this practical, easy-to-use guide!

Use the coupon code AMEREN at checkout.

(Offer expires on June 30, 2020.)

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