Hi, new friend! Whether we connected in person at convention or you watched us on the world wide web, I can’t wait to get to. know you better. My husband, Larry, and I have dedicated our lives to mentoring others, whether it be in the realm of homeschooling or personal finances, we are here to help.

Welcome to my APACHE Convention 2021 Page

Hi! I’m Hope Ware.

Here, you’ll find links, information, free workbooks for all 4 of my APACHE sessions and a free door prize package for everyone.

In case you don’t know me, I’m a lifelong Central Illinoisan, married to Larry for 32 years, Mom to 4 amazing sons, and homeschooler for 20 years.

I am a writer, public speaker, and LOVE to connect with people!

Here is a list of my sessions:

  • New to Homeschooling
  • Homeschooling in Times of Crisis
  • Kids and Money: Teaching Children a Biblical View of Money
  • Keeping them Fed: How to School and Cook at the Same Time

I am SO excited to welcome you to my special page of sessions for the 2021 APACHE Convention. I feel truly privileged to be a part of your life and to be able to minister to you.

Although recent events left many swirling amidst uncertainty and fear, we stand firm in our faith in the One who holds the world in His hands.

How Is This Page Organized?

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • a list of all of my sessions along with session descriptions
  • a link to a free, downloadable workbook for New to Homeschooling
  • Door Prizes! (Yep, for everyone)

Don’t miss the door prizes!

Because I believe that everyone deserves a door prize, you’ll find links for two, FREE eBooks:

  • “Quick Start Guide to Children and Chores”
  • “Cut Grocery Costs in 10 Easy Steps”

NOTE: You must fill out a separate form for each door prize that you’d like to claim!

Just came for the prizes?

Scroll down to the bottom to claim your copy of the “Quick Start Guide to Children and Chores” and “Cut Grocery Costs in 10 Easy Steps”.


Session #1: New to Homeschooling.

Description: In this session I give you everything you need to begin homeschooling … except the students. We’ll look at reasons for homeschooling, goals, learning styles, teaching styles, curriculum recommendations, and household management tips and strategies. I go into great depth in this video, giving you everything that I wish I’d known before I began homeschooling 20 years ago.

FREE Workbook for this session!

Download the 20-page workbook for New to Homeschooling by clicking here OR on the image below.

Session #2: Teaching Children A Biblical View of Money

Description: I share three steps that we took to raise our children to understand a Biblical view of money, develop a strong work ethic, practice sound money management, and become fiscally independent by age 18.

We’ll discuss effective ways to model, share, and teach about money. We’ll cover chores, allowances, and rites of passage. Finally, I tell you the ONE thing you can do that, I believe, will impact your children more than anything else you can possibly do or say!

Door Prize Related to this session:

FreeQuick Start Guide to Children and Chores

*Door Prize forms can be found at at the bottom of this page.

Session #3: Homeschooling Through Crisis

Description: Life can take unexpected twists and turns, which challenge our ability to school effectively. What do you do when your homeschooling routine is thrown a little (or a lot) off kilter?

In this session,I give very specific steps and strategies for those who find themselves schooling through times of crisis. 

Session #4: “Keeping Food on the Table (Without Spending a Lot of Time or Money)”

It can feel challenging to school and keep your family fed. In this session, you’ll learn tips and strategies for saving time and money in the kitchen. We will cover food strategies (which have actually worked for me), weekly menu planning, bulk cooking, getting your kids involved, and lowering your food bills.

Door Prize Related to this session:

“Cut Grocery Costs in 10 Easy Steps”

*Scroll down to find the door prize forms.

Door Prizes!

NOTE: You must fill out a separate form for each door prize that you’d like to claim!

Prize #1: “Quick Start Guide for Children and Chores

Have you ever wondered how to get your kids to:

help you around the house

work together as a team

care about doing a good job

Then, this free resource is for you!


Prize #2: “Cut Grocery Costs in 10 Easy Steps”

You’ll discover the secrets of:

  • How to stop wasting food
  • The most important question you should ask employees at your favorite store
  • How to create a weekly meal plan that really works
  • How to use planned leftovers (without the kids staging a coup)
  • Which part of the store has the most nutritious (and cheapest) food
  • How you can (legit) stack coupons to maximize your savings
  • How to most effectively use the store flyer to save money

REMEMBER: You must fill out a separate form for each door prize that you’d like to claim!