Lower Your Home Energy Bills in 2024

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The Home Energy Savings Bundle is for you if you are

  • looking at your savings account at the end of 2023 and thinking, “something has GOT to change!”
  • tired of having your hands tied with your electric and gas bills …
  • trapped by of rising gas and electric prices
  • and this unstable economic cycle threatens to knock big holes in the bottom of your budgetary boat.
  • You desperately want strategies that really work to actually lower your monthly electric bill.

I know you might think 

  • Your energy bills are “fixed” – and there is nothing you can do to lower them…
  • In order to make any meaningful change in your energy usage (and energy bills), you will need to spend a LOT of money on a new furnace, AC, or other expensive upgrades

The truth is

In fact, you can save on electric and natural gas costs and you’ll see a difference as early as your very next bill.

One, Low Price

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7 E-Books – $130 Value

Black Friday Special Price – ONLY $25.00

With the Home Energy Savings Bundle you’ll get…

  • The Home Energy Savings Guide: step-by-step instructions and guidance to reduce your energy usage and lower your bills. ($40 value)
  • Saving Time and Energy in the Kitchen Guide: take control of how much electricity you are using while cooking (start today)($10 Value)
  • Winter Energy Savings Workbooklower cold weather utility costs and keep warm without wasting money or freezing your butt off. ($15 value)
  • Summer Energy Savings Workbook: 60 ways to lower hot weather utility costs and keep cool without wasting money or feeling uncomfortable ($15 value)
  • Energy Smart: detailed charts and strategies to help you clearly understand your energy bill and effectively plan your energy usage ($15 value)

Plus, two EXCLUSIVE Bonus E-Books

  • The Winter Power Outage Checklist: End power outage confusion and panic. This eBook helps you organize supplies to keep warm, cook, and have lights during a cold weather power outage, so you can relax, knowing everyone in the family can find needed supplies as soon as the power goes out. ($10 Value)
  • The Home Back-up Energy Assessment: 🏠 Your go-to guide to understanding and being prepared with backup power. From understanding the fundamentals of power consumption to selecting the right backup sources, this guide helps you realistically assess your back-up power needs, so you’re ready for the next blackout scenario. ($25 Value)

7 E-Books – $130 Value

Black Friday Special Price – $25.00

You’re doing everything you can to lower your energy use, but your gas and electric bills keep soaring…

  • You turn off lights when you leave the room .
  • You install CLF light bulbs in all your light fixtures.
  • You cut back energy use where you can.

Yet, you hold your breath when you open your utility bill, wondering if the cost will mean jugging your monthly budget (once again) to try to pay it in full and on time.

With the Home Energy Savings Bundle you’ll learn

  • simple, but effective ways to lower your energy usage.
  • the most important numbers you need to look at on your utility bill.
  • what you can do as a renter to save money, without drilling holes in your landlord’s property.
  • the one product you need to buy to find out for certain how much energy your appliances use.

Total Value: $130

Black Friday Sale

Pay Only $25.00 Through Sunday

This Special Black Friday Energy Bundle Includes:

This easy-to-use guide lets you customize how you choose to lower your monthly utility bills.

You’ll learn

  • no-cost changes you can make today, that can lower your utility bill tomorrow.
  • the factors that determine how you are using power in your home.
  • which activities may be causing your bill to go up every month.
  • how renters can lower their energy bills, without drilling holes or knocking down walls.

60 ways to lower winter utility costs and keep warm without wasting money or freezing your butt off.

  • Practical, tested ways you can lower energy use in winter.
  • Systematically use each tip and maximize your savings with easy-to-follow worksheets and checklists.
  • In-depth video resources about winter and energy savings.

Save on Summer Energy

60 ways to keep cool without wasting money or feeling uncomfortable.

  • Save money on summer energy costs with the easy-to-use strategies.
  • Easily track the strategies so you know what to do next.
  • Save money on energy costs with a series of video resources
  • Prepare for possible power outages with step-by-step instructions so you’re never unprepared.

Take control of the amount of electricity you use while cooking food.

  • Learn which kitchen appliances use the least energy
  • Plan your weekly cooking with energy savings in mind
  • Helpful charts, so you can track your electric usage in the kitchen.
  • In-depth examples, to show you the impact simple changes can make on lowering your electric usage.
  • Video resources included

Detailed charts and strategies to help you clearly understand your energy bill and effectively plan your energy usage.

You’ll learn how to:

  • understand energy terminology, so you’re never paying more than you should.
  • read and interpret the information on your utility bill.
  • which charges on your utility bill you control.
  • determine how much energy any electric appliance uses.
  • know what it will cost you to use any electric appliance.
  • estimate your savings from lowering or raising your thermostat.

Plus, these EXCLUSIVE Black Friday Bonus eBooks

End Chaos and Confusion When the Lights Go Out!

This ‘Winter Power Outage Checklist” helps you to organize supplies for lighting, heating, and cooking. Know where bad-weather essentials are located, so you’ll feel confident and ready for emergencies, (and be prepared and not panicked the next time the power goes out).

Realistically Assess Your Back-up Energy Needs

Unlock essential backup power insights, charts, and videos to prepare for outages, so that you feel secure and confident, knowing you’re safeguarded against unexpected power disruptions in your home.

Black Friday Weekend Only

E-Books – $130 Value

Special Price – $25.00

Let’s take a peek inside the Home Energy Savings Guide.

E-Books – $130 Value

Special Price – $25.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get all 7 eBooks in the bundle?

A. You sure do! When you purchase this exclusive Black Friday deal, you get all 7 of the eBooks. And remember, the bonus eBooks have never before been offered by Under the Median. The Black Friday bundle is the only way to get these bonus eBooks.

Q: Are these product all digital?

A. Yes, they are. However, your purchase entitles you to legally print any forms which you would like to keep on hand for personal use. Many of the books also come with a complimentary resources, giving you access to more detailed information and step-by-step instructional videos to help you save more money.

A: Although, every person’s situation is different, many of our customers report seeing lower utility bills in as little as 30 days.

A: Not at all! In this guide, you’ll learn how to understand your energy bill, discover what makes up the largest share of that bill, and find ways to implement steps to lower your energy usage. 

A: Absolutely! It’s completely indexed and color coded by topic, making it super easy for you to pick an area to work on and then find specific tips to help you reach your goals.

A: Yes and I even marked the tips which are especially applicable to renters with a special “renter” icon at the top of each page, which contains “renter friendly” tips. 

Q: Why are you not charging more?

Three simple reasons.

First, I love a great Black Friday deal! Seriously! There is nothing more satisfying the finding exactly what you need for an unbelievably low price. I wanted to give you everything you need to drop your utility bills – at an amazing price.

Secondly, I was unbelievably excited by these eBooks. I just wrote some of them and I was so psyched at how they turned out that I wanted to get them into your hands as soon as possible so you can start using the strategies and begin saving money – FAST.

Finally, I know first-hand, what it feels like to raise a family on a budget. I want this Christmas to be the one that you remember as the one filled with peace, joy, and hope – because this year you realized that you can be a debt-kickin’, budget-bustin’ warrior, who takes on the challenge of lowering your energy usage – and wins!

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A. No, it’s a digital product. So, we don’t offer refunds. I accurately describe the contents of each of my eBooks and go out of my way to provide practical, easy-to-use tips and strategies that actually work. I also provide additional resource material with most of the eBooks as well as worksheets, checklists, forms, and graphs to help you put the material into use right away.

The Home Energy Savings Bundle puts the “power” into your hands!

$130 Value

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Special Price – $25.00