Learn to Budget and Reach Financial Goals

Frugal Finance Planner Bundle


The stress-free way to budget and plan… 

(that actually works) in no time flat.  

The Frugal Finance Planner comes with

  • 4th Quarter Workbook to help you be ahead of the game and get a strong start on next year’s budget ($20 value)
  • Topically Arranged Video Resource Guide so you can quickly amp up your savings and reduce your spending ($20 value)
  • Budget and Goal-Setting Training with examples so you can confidently set realistic goals without missing anything important that could drain your account and slow your progress ($40 value)
  • Editable Budget Spreadsheets to help you set up your budget and track monthly expenses so you can reach your goals more quickly, even if you’ve never been able to stick to a budget before ($30 value)
  • Seasonal Guide to Saving on Clothing so you can buy brand new clothing while saving 70 to 90% ($8 value)
  • Seasonal Guide to Saving on Produce so you can save on food despite rising prices ($14 value)
  • Monthly Guide to Saving on Gifts  so you can express appreciation to those you love without breaking the bank ($8 value) 

$140 Value

Goal Wise: The Frugal Life Planner


Learn the secret to consistently spending less and saving more, creating the kind of personal and financial goals that allow you to finally do everything you’ve always wanted to, while still being frugal.

Goal Wise: The Frugal Life Planner comes with

  • Three complete printable Frugal Life Goal Planners (in three classy and cute patterns) to help you set reachable, related, and realistic quarterly, monthly, and weekly personal and financial goals($40 value each – $120 Total)
  • Yearly Frugal Life Goal Planner (in the same three classy and cute patterns), allowing you to ensure your yearly goals are clearly aligned with your quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals, so you can make progress more quickly and effectively. ($10 value)
  • Guide to Setting Frugal Goals Workbook, so you can confidently set realistic goals without missing anything important that could drain your account and slow your progress ($15 value)
  • An Exclusive, 35-minute, Goal Training Video with tips for setting and prioritizing goals, so you know what factors most influence your financial and personal goal success. We also give you Ideas for evaluating your progressso you know how to confidently tweak goals as your life and finances change. ($35 value)

$180 Value