How to Menu Plan for Zero Food Waste

When it comes to putting food on the table each week, menu planning and zero food waste are an unbeatable combination. This dynamic duo will result in you being able to save money, throw out less, and feed your family amazing meals every day. The problem with serving up healthy meals for a bargain price … Read more

Two-Ingredient $50 Weekly Menu Plan

This week, we are focusing on creating an economical, no-waste many. My local HyVee was featuring cauliflower and broccoli for just $1.49. That price wasn’t per pound. It was per large head of broccoli and big bunch of broccoli. I walked in, bought three of each, and walked out – having paid just under $9.00 … Read more

Spring Garden Goodness $50 Weekly Menu Plan

This week’s $50 menu began with stormy weather. Our power unexpectedly went out for several hours after we were hit with a freak ice storm. Predicting the weather is tricky business. Although forecasters assured us that there was no chance of a very, cold, spring rain turning to ice, it did. By mid-afternoon our trees … Read more

$50 Menu with Surprisingly Powerful Flavors

This week’s menu plan is all about packing flavor into every bite. When you are low on grocery funds, you can elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary by adding spices, herbs, vinegars, and sauces to beans, grains, and veggies – and you’ll pay just pennies to do it! This week’s Kroger markdowns were a little … Read more

Extremely Frugal Grocery Budget Stretching Menu

I’ve challenged myself to spend no more than $100 this month at the grocery store. That means that I am using all of the grocery stretching strategies that I know. Since, we’ve been raising kids on a low budget for over twenty years, we have a more than a little practice at making the most … Read more