10 Simple, Frugal Ways To Cut Laundry Costs in Half

We all wear clothes. Therefore, by default, we all also wash, dry, iron, and fold our laundry on a regular basis. When calculating the cost of doing laundry, one must take into consideration a host of factors: detergent, water, energy, and wear and tear on our appliances, to name a few. It is estimated that … Read more

5 Honest Truths About Becoming Debt Free

Some believe that being debt-free means having freedom to spend money on whatever they would like and living life big – with no restraints. However, having been debt free for over twenty years, we can tell you that the vision of spending with abandon, finally gaining the respect and admiration of others, and discovering true … Read more

5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Becoming Debt Free

We’ve been debt free for over twenty years. However, along the way, there are five lies that we realized we have believed on some deeper level about what it actually means to be debt free. There are five lies you may be telling yourself about becoming debt free. If you’d like to hear us talk … Read more

How To Avoid My Top Five Mistakes with Money

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How to Buy Food in Bulk and Save Money

For many years now I’ve been feeding my family on a very lean budget. I average just $375 a month to feed my family of six (including four boys age 23-12). To do this, I have focused on whole foods, menu planning, and batch cooking. However, this is one more cost-cutting measure, which has allowed … Read more