How to Make Christmas Meaningful and Memorable Without Spending Money

Celebrating Christmas should be about more than spending money. Intuitively, we know this to be true. There is a trend, even among those with bountiful funds to spend on holiday merry-making, to disconnect from the blatantly commercial and ,instead, seek soul-felt simplicity. For our family, thrift has always been a necessary way of life, not … Read more

Finding Balance in a Time of Crisis

Two years ago, my world fell apart, as my husband of nearly 30 years was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. When COVID-19 hit, I was instantly taken back in time, to that moment of disbelief, emotional turmoil, and the recognition that life had been turned upside down and would forever be changed from that moment … Read more

Inspire Your Kids with These 20 Helpful, FREE Websites

Social distancing and voluntary isolation are not only in vogue, right now they are mandatory. For those of us who homeschool, it’s pretty much life as usual. Our children have their books, supplies, and assignments on hand. However, for parents on whom the burden of continuing their children’s education has suddenly been thrust, this is … Read more

30 Great, FREE Ways to Spend Time Together

It seems like the Corona virus has taken our world hostage. One day, our kids are rocking it out every day at school, regularly visiting the library, attending services at our church, and cheering for their favorite sports team, singer, or speaker at public events. The next day, it has all ended. It makes one … Read more

10 Holiday Read Alouds the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Earlier this week, I published, “10 Holiday Movies the Whole Family Will Love.” Today, I have a companion piece for you! Every Christmas, our family also selects some read aloud favorites for cold, snowy nights, complete with hot cocoa and holiday cookies! Yep! We’re just that old fashioned! Here’s a list of our favorites, in … Read more

Winter Break: 20 Days of FREE Family Fun!

School’s out for a few weeks and your kids are ready for some fun! Today, let’s talk about how to keep them busy and enjoy some family togetherness without breaking the bank. Day #1:  Bake Cookies.   Nothing is better for bonding than cooking together. Decorate your baked creations with colored frosting after they cool. … Read more