The Importance of Learning to Forgive Yourself

I am about to get very real with you about a problem that I have (and maybe you have, too.)  When I make a mistake, for which I would gladly forgive another individual, I have a really hard time doing the same for myself.  I HATE making mistakes.  I recently loaded the oven up with … Read more

12 MORE Free and Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Last week, I gave you 25 suggestions for reducing stress. Then, I asked my social media readers what they do to reduce stress. Boy did I get a lot of great ideas that I had not mentioned in my original post! So, without further ado, here are twelve more free and easy ways to reduce … Read more

Finding Balance in a Time of Crisis

Two years ago, my world fell apart, as my husband of nearly 30 years was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. When COVID-19 hit, I was instantly taken back in time, to that moment of disbelief, emotional turmoil, and the recognition that life had been turned upside down and would forever be changed from that moment … Read more