6 Inexpensive Gifts That Co-workers Will Love

Giving co-workers a small gift at Christmas can be both meaningful and inexpensive. We all want to tell those with whom we work that we appreciate them. If your office has a Secret Santa gift exchange, then you’ll find some great, affordable ideas in this post! So, let’s look at some ideas that are both … Read more

8 Great Teacher Appreciation Gifts for $3 or Less

It’s so important that we express appreciation to those who impart knowledge and wisdom to our children. Not only do I buy teacher gifts each year for Christmas, but I also teach in the high school department at our local homeschool coop. So, I’ve compiled a list of favoriteYuletide gifts that I have both given and received over the years.

8 Black Friday Shopping Strategies

The rush to buy gifts during the holiday season can leave you tired and cranky. But, there are some specific strategies that you can use to get ahead of the crowd and insure that you have a solid game plan before you ever leave home (or surf the web). Black Friday has actually morphed into … Read more

How to Create a Movie Themed Gift for under $20

November has begun and suddenly CHRISTMAS is staring you in the face in great, big scary numbers! But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Don’t be taken off guard! Begin by looking at the list of gift ideas and items you have on hand so that your tokens of esteem don’t become a budget … Read more