Easy Hacks for Creating and Maintaining a Gift Stash

This post begins with an admission. For years, I have purchased gifts at a small fraction of their full retail price and kept them stored in my closet for future gift-giving occasions. However, the area of my bedroom, affectionately referred to as my “gift stash” was an absolute train wreck! There was absolutely no way … Read moreEasy Hacks for Creating and Maintaining a Gift Stash

Step-by-Step Freezer Organization and Inventory

I think I’m somehow hardwired to morph into full-on nesting mode during the cold, winter months. I think it’s the amount of time I spend indoors, due to the frigid temperatures outdoors. This week marked the apex of my seasonal quandary. I had overspent my grocery budget in the first week of the year, meaning … Read moreStep-by-Step Freezer Organization and Inventory

3 Hacks for Organizing Your Pantry

I read somewhere many years ago that disorder costs you money. At the time, I thought, “No, it doesn’t cost me anything.” However, since that time, I have found this statement to be true time and time again. Your pantry is the perfect example of the principle. How many times do you head to the … Read more3 Hacks for Organizing Your Pantry