10 Simple, Frugal Ways To Cut Laundry Costs in Half

We all wear clothes. Therefore, by default, we all also wash, dry, iron, and fold our laundry on a regular basis. When calculating the cost of doing laundry, one must take into consideration a host of factors: detergent, water, energy, and wear and tear on our appliances, to name a few. It is estimated that … Read more

How We Increased Our Home’s Energy Efficiency By 48%

Nearly two years ago, I scheduled an energy audit with my utility company, Ameren Illinois. I was actually inspired to do so because I was preparing for an interview with the Citizens Utility Board.  Since I was disseminating advice on reducing utility bills, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to schedule an energy audit of … Read more

Smart, Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter Now

As I was leaving the house at 7:30am, I noticed a definite chill in the air. I regretted my decision to walk out of the house wearing a sleeveless top, capris, and slip on shoes with no socks.  The cooler morning temperatures reminded me that I wanted to share some simple things that you can do … Read more

9 Simple Ways to Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

Summer temperatures have hit with a vengeance. The daily heat index is now often over 100 degrees. Not only that, we sit in our homes and listen to the central air cycling “on” – over and over again, in a seemingly endless loop. Mentally, we brace ourselves for the next utility bill to arrive, knowing … Read more

Your Utility Company Can Help You Save on Energy

I often see jaws drop when I am invited to speak about energy costs and I confidently state, “Your best ally for saving on energy costs is your utility provider.” People often see the utility company as the “bad guy”, the large behemoth, sending them an unbelievably large bill every month and then gobbling up … Read more

How to Save On Energy Costs Webinar

You can’t ignore your utility bill. It arrives in the mail with Swiss watch consistency. You need lights and gas. Yet, the cost can sometimes threaten to sink your budgetary boat. I am a real customer, not a utility company employee. I give you “boots on the ground advice – stuff that has actually worked … Read more

6 Easy Strategies for Lowering Winter Utility Bills

Most people believe that their utility bill is a fixed cost, but this is NOT true! When we were living on an income which was 30% under the national median and trying to make headway on some major life goals, we began to look for strategies to reduce every single line item in our monthly … Read more