Real Food Does Not Need to Cost A Lot of Money

Our family is delighted to have met you through Chef AJ and we can’t wait to get to know you better.

If you watched the program, you saw my son, Daniel, create his signature Grain Loaf. This recipe was, literally, born out of a few cups of leftover grains and the need to stretch them to feed six of us.

We’d love to gift you with a copy of that recipe (and three more), because when it comes to recipes, sharing IS caring.

In fact, I created an eBook exclusively for Chef AJ fans. It’s over 25 pages of tips to help plant-based eaters spend less on food (and yet not sacrifice quantity or quality). I didn’t forget the Grain Loaf recipe. It’s in the book along with three more of our favorite recipes.


I’d love to help you discover the secrets of:

  • How to stop wasting food
  • The most important question you should ask employees at your favorite store
  • How to create a weekly meal plan that really works
  • How to use planned leftovers (without the kids staging a coup)
  • Which part of the store has the most nutritious (and cheapest) food
  • How you can (legit) stack coupons to maximize your savings
  • How to most effectively use the store flyer to save money

In “Cut Grocery Costs in Ten Easy Steps” you will:

  • Read the top 10 shopping strategies that I use every week to feed my family of four for $300 a month.
  • Discover “food traps” at the store – and how to avoid them.
  • Learn the number one reason your good intentions have failed in the past – and how to set yourself up for success this time.
  • Explore new places to buy healthy food – that you might not have thought about before.

Serve your family healthy food without feeling frustrated and defeated by how much you are spending at the store every month!


I’m Hope, the friendly face behind Under the Median.

It’s truly my pleasure to share with you my passion for spreading the message that healthy food doesn’t cost a lot.

My husband and I raised our four sons debt-free, including paying cash for our home when our income averaged around $40,000 a year.

We discovered the secrets of spending less, saving more, and (most importantly) living with a spirit of joy and abundance every, single day.

When I’m not speaking or writing, you’ll find me speed walking while humming songs of the 70’s, creating vegan versions of classic American comfort food, or singing jazz and spirituals with my friends and fellow musicians in the Heritage Ensemble.