Stop Overspending and Overstressing at Christmas. Rediscover Joy!

50+ pages of holiday planning sheets, checklists, and money-saving ideas – all designed to help you:

Be organized with your time and energy

Be in control of your Christmas budget

Be intentional with spending your money

Be confident in knowing your priorities

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The Debt-Free Christmas Binder: everything you need to pay cash for Christmas without feeling like Scrooge.

A $45 Value – Buy Today for just $19.97

Stop struggling with post-holiday budget regrets.

With the Debt-Free Christmas Binder, you’ll worry less, stress less, and enjoy more, because you’ll have a plan to organize your time, spend your money wisely, and pay cash for Christmas this year.

A $45 Value – Buy Today for just $19.97

Join the Stress-Free Christmas Club and Leave Holiday Debt at the Curb

A $45 Value – Buy Today for just $19.97

You CAN spend less and celebrate more when you finally stop worrying about how you are going to pay for the holidays.

With the strategies in the Debt-Free Christmas Binder you’ll be able to stick to your Christmas budget and buy meaningful gifts for everyone on your list without breaking the bank. You will never again need to feel like you should have done more, spent more, or given more.

A $45 Value – Buy Today for just $19.97

A $45 Value – Buy Today for just $19.97

Who am I and what do I know about saving money?

Hi! I’m Hope

My husband and I have been married since 1988 and raised our four sons, debt-free, including paying cash for our home when our income averaged under $40,000 a year.

We discovered the secrets of spending less, saving more, and living with a spirit of joy and abundance every, single day.

As a writer and public speaker for over 30 years, I love to share simple and meaningful ways that families can change their spending habits, live on a budget, and grab great, big goals with both hands and refuse to let go.

I’m so excited to share strategies with you that have helped my family celebrate Christmas with joy (and abundance) without spending a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s different about this Christmas planner?

A: Unlike other holiday planners, the Debt-Free Christmas Binder contains forms and checklists, designed to help you save money and stick to your budget. I gave you 12 pages, filled with all of my best “Do Christmas on a budget” hacks. You get over 40 forms, all designed to help you save money. I cover every area of the holidays, from setting a budget and buying gifts, to entertaining and keeping a schedule (so you don’t forget any important events).

Q: How do I get access?

A: Once you complete the check-out process, you’ll receive an email, directing you to a download page for your product. Everything is in PDF format. All websites mentioned in the eBook are hyperlinked. Simply click on any link and you will be taken directly to the listed website.

Q: Are future updates free?

A: You bet – And they are free! Who doesn’t like a surprise now and then? Whenever I make changes or add new material, I’ll send you a quick e-mail with the updated files.

Q: Can I print my planner?

A: You sure can. I formatted the entire eBook with a wide left hand margin. So, it will fit perfectly into a 3-ring binder. You can make as many copies of any pages you need for your immediate family. Feel free to use your planning pages to track your gift ideas and expenses over multiple years.

Q: Why aren’t you charging more?

A: Because I have looked at other holiday budget planners. Many are offered for more money and still don’t address the issue of how to save money avoid going into debt for holiday expenses. I wanted to give you everything you need at an amazing price. I know first-hand, what it feels like to raise a family and do Christmas on a tight budget. I want this Christmas to be the one that you remember as the one filled with peace, joy, and hope – because this year you set a budget, stuck with it, and didn’t go into debt.

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A $45 Value – Regular Price $19.97