It’s Easy, Inexpensive, and Fun to Dehydrate!

Our grandparents practiced this skill regularly because it makes good sense. You can preserve herbs, fruits, and vegetables, storing them alongside other pantry staples and using them throughout the cold, winter months.

Once the moisture is removed, produce keeps remarkably well, take up very little space, and tastes fantastic. Because the drying temperature is so low, the nutrients are preserved and the fiber is in tact.


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In Dehydrating Made Easy, You’ll Learn:

  • Which fruits and vegetables dehydrate best
  • The correct temperature to use for dehydrating
  • average drying times for 28 of the most popular fruits and vegetables (2 exclusive charts)
  • How to properly load the trays for optimal drying
  • How you can use your oven as a dehydrator
  • How to store the produce or herbs once they are dried


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