Enjoy Outdoor Fun on the Cheap with Dollar Tree

When my boys were little, the Tooth Fairy didn’t give money, she gave a trip to Dollar Tree. Somehow she knew that there was sure to be something that would attract the fancy and heart of a five year old who just lost his tooth. The tradition stuck and from that point on, whenever they lost a tooth they would declare, “It’s Dollar Tree time!”

I adore Dollar Tree, where everything is (you guessed it) a dollar! If you’ve never visited Dollar Tree, here’s a quick primer.

Dollar Tree stocks items for every single major holiday. At a buck for each item, you can shop to your heart’s content. In fact, no matter what the occasion for merry-making, Dollar Tree has you covered. You’ll find cheap merch for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and more!

Visit often

This is one of those stores that it is definitely worth your while to pop into if you are driving by a Dollar Tree location. The merchandise turns over quickly as they stock new and exciting items.

Different Stores, Different Stuff

Although you’ll definitely find the same core items, each Dollar Tree is slightly different. So, if you live near multiple stores, then be sure to frequently visit each location.

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Gear up for summer

Here are some examples that I found last week at my local Dollar Tree. Remember, every item is just priced at $1.00!

Water Fun

Nothing is more frustrating than sending your kids to the local pool or beach and having them return home, having left half of the items behind. Although, it behooves us to teach our children responsibility, it also take a little of the sting out by sending them with gear that costs just $1.00.

Outdoor Fun

I’ve hosted many a birthday or outdoor party, using items from Dollar Tree. In fact, they are the first store I visit when entertaining – and with good reason!

Beach Shoes for the whole family

A quick visit to Dollar Tree reveals plenty of inexpensive ways to keep the kids busy and happy this summer.

I just received two of these flamingos for my front yard from my oldest sons. They would be perfect to play ring toss. Scour your yard and home and you’ll surely find an appropriate target for creating your own ring toss game.

Photo credit Dollar Tree blog

Use glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets from Dollar Tree to create a fun game.

Picnic Fun

Okay, one more area in which Dollar Tree can make your summer perfect. Here are some seasonal picnicking and grilling items you can find right now at Dollar Tree.

Order on-line with Free Delivery to Your Local Store

That’s right. There’s no need to stand in line or guess at what you will find. You can order all your supplies on-line and they will be delivered for free pick up at your local Dollar Tree location.

When planning your next event, be it a wedding or birthday party, you can view all available Dollar Tree items and order from home. Easy Peasy!

Free Shipping to your Local Store

What are your favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree?

Drop your best picks in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Outdoor Fun on the Cheap with Dollar Tree”

  1. I like to buy the white dishwashing tubs! I use them in the kids’ IKEA play kitchen (they fit perfectly), and have a row of them on my laundry sorting table/shelf. They are great for sorting out smaller/delicate loads, or now during summer I use them to organize each person’s swimming items. When we go swimming, they put their dry clothes in the basket so they can change back into them when we are done. It’s great!…in theory 😉

    I like them because they can easily be cleaned out, labeled or decorated with vinyl, or easily replaced if damaged.


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