Extremely Frugal Grocery Budget Stretching Menu

I’ve challenged myself to spend no more than $100 this month at the grocery store. That means that I am using all of the grocery stretching strategies that I know. Since, we’ve been raising kids on a low budget for over twenty years, we have a more than a little practice at making the most of every penny when it comes to our food budget.

Here’s a look at this week’s grocery haul and all the dishes that we made using grocery markdowns from Kroger.

Here’s what we got

  • 2 bags – Baby Carrots – 2 pounds each bag – marked down to 99¢ per bag.
  • 3 bags – Crinkle Cut Carrots – 1 pound bag – marked down to 30¢ per bag.
  • 1 bag – Romaine Lettuce Salad Kit – marked down to 99¢.
  • 2 bags – Jalapeño peppers – 9-10 peppers per bag – marked down to 99¢ per bag.

Total cost: $5.91

To see me describe each item and explain how to make the most of markdown hauls, check out this video.

What we cooked with all those carrots

Here’s a look at our menu plan and all the recipes that we made with that seven pound carrot haul (for which we paid $2.90).

I’ve included a cost analysis of each recipe. Remember, these figures are based on what I paid for the ingredients. Your total cost may vary.

Carrot Based Soups

Carrot Based Main Dishes

More Main Dishes

  • Grain Loaf – Cost: $4.00 (2 loaves and one went into the freezer for later use).
  • Taco Salad with Lentil Filling – Cost: $7.00
  • Pancakes (Yep! For Supper!) – Cost: $0.00

(The pancakes were for Shrove Tuesday and came from our son’s church. So, there was no cost. Well, actually, we gave them a $10 donation to help with covering the cost of the event. So, in truth, I guess it did cost some money, but we took the funds out of our “giving” category and not groceries).

More Sandwiches

Eating for Less than $50!

The total cost of this week’s menu (Including $7 for breakfasts) was $39.50!

Yep! Our menu plans are all designed to feed a family of four for just $50 or less. That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To check out our other menu plans, click here.

9 thoughts on “Extremely Frugal Grocery Budget Stretching Menu”

  1. How did your family like the carrot ginger soup? I had left it as a suggestion on your video and was pleased to see it made the menu plan!

    • I just had big bowl of it for lunch today. I used the food processor so it wasn’t completely smooth. I think the next time I would use the blender and get it a little smoother. But, the taste was amazing.

  2. So impressed with how inventive you are with carrots and all the meals looks so lovely! That Taco salad looks incredible!
    One thing I almost admire about your YouTube channel is how you are able to film it all in one take. You see so many videos where people stop/start at every other word. You’re an excellent communicator and I would love your hints and tips on this 🙂
    You’ve also inspired me to partake in a similar challenge which I am documenting too. Thanks for being inspiring as usual.

    Jack – UK.

    • Thank you, Jack. Our goal is to always be authentic with our viewers. So, we try as much as possible to have real conversations and keep the camera rolling. How exciting that you are also embarking on a food budget challenge! I’d love to know how it goes!

  3. I have a great recipe for spicy carrot salad, if you like things spicy. I need to find it and send it to you:). It is definitely vegan. Just some vinegar, spices and oil and the carrots of course. The carrots are shredded/grated very thin. Needs a day to sit in the fridge before the taste is just right! It is great with mashed potatoes or any hot meal.

    • Oh forgot, it is also called Korean carrot salad I think but I am Eastern European and it is one of our staple salads, so I don’t know if it’s actually Korean or a slavic food.


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