Larry’s Guide to Great Guy Gifts

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for the guy in your life, to make your life easier, Larry has curated a list of his favorites from Amazon.

Each of these items is long-lasting, well-made, and high-quality.

Scroll through the list.

You can also see Larry talk about each of the items and why he loves them on this YouTube video.

Food Related

Nothing says “Love” like a great cup of joe. Larry’s very favorite coffee brand is Verena Street.

They are a MidWest company and we’ve enjoyed every single one of the flavors we have tried.

If you work long hours and need your coffee to be as hot at 6pm as it was at 6am, then this is the Zojirushi thermos for you. Seriously!

Larry takes this every day and loves this thermos brand. We have used them for years. In fact, every person in our family has their own Zojirushi thermos. We all have a different color. So, there’s never any confusion about whose cup of coffee it is.


If you need to know the time of day and don’t want to squint to see it, this atomic clock is for you.

The large display is easy to see, along with the date, day of the week, temperature, and humidity.

It’s synched with Greewich, which means that it will always be accurate.

This flashlight is with Larry every single day – and he uses it multiple times in 24 hours.

The lumens in this Maglite Pro flashlight are LED and bright enough to illuminate any surface. Yet, this flashlight is lightweight and compact, making it comfortable to stick in your pocket and carry all day long.

This model comes with a carrying case, which can attach to your belt for ease of carrying.

These Eneloop Pro Batteries seriously hold their charge and are a great value.

Larry installs them in several items that get regular and heavy use. Yet, they have gone for ten months on a single charge.

This JBL Bluetooth portable speaker is waterproof, comes with a hardshell case, and is super easy to use. It has a great base and midrange.

It’s, honestly, one of Larry’s favorite tech items. He liked it so much that he bought Hope her very own speaker.

We use the Eneloop rechargeable batteries in it and they last for months on a single charge.

In the Car

Larry’s Honda Fit doesn’t have on board navigation. So, Larry purchased this Garmin Smart Drive 55 and loves it.

The unit comes with traffic alerts which will tell you about road construction, accidents, and detours, as well as upcoming turns, road signs, and speed limits.

You can also find gas stations, restaurants, and more. Simple buttons make it easy to see the distance to your destination and estimated time of arrival.

In the Yard

We seriously love our fire pit. It’s legal in the city limits and the legs and screen make it safer than a bonfire.

This unit has a grate, which allows you to easily transform it into a cooking surface.