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I tell faith-filled stories from the heart, using humor and practical application to change the minds and lives of my audience.

If you’re looking for a writer or public speaker who not only has real-life experience in managing a household on a challenging budget, but also a professional background in communication, then let’s connect.

Why I do what I do

I’m Hope, married to Larry since 1988 and mom to four amazing sons. Larry and I raised our sons debt-free on an income which was often 30% under the national median. We knew that being debt-free meant the difference between “getting by” and “getting ahead”.

In practical terms, that means that we found ways to cut each budget category down to size in order to meet some pretty amazing goals, like paying cash for cars, vacations, and our current home.

Living on little is challenging – especially if you are raising kids. That’s what inspired me to begin Under the Median. I don’t give  pie-in-the-sky advice. I’ve been in the trenches and made hard choices. However, it’s also equally important that I impart a spirit of joy and abundance to my readers and listeners.

Professional bio

I have a degree in radio and television broadcasting and worked for WPEO Radio for over a decade, serving as on-air talent and production manager, writing and producing programs and commercials.

As a private freelancer, I have provided vocal talent for a wide variety of projects, including voiceovers for prestigious companies like Pioneer Hybrid International and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

I’ve been a frequent and popular speaker at the APACHE Homeschooling convention, held yearly in Peoria and enjoy teaching in the high school department at Peoria Cooperative Academy.

When I’m not writing or speaking you can find me speed walking while humming songs from the ’70s, creating vegan versions of American comfort food, or singing jazz and spirituals with my friends and fellow musicians in the Heritage Ensemble.

Public Speaking and Guest Appearances

“I love the feeling of looking into another person’s eyes and knowing that they have just heard, understood, and embraced what I just said. They sit up straighter. They lean forward, nod their head, and suddenly, you know the connection has been made.”

My in-person and on-line appearances have covered topics as diverse as Low Cost and Easy Ways to Save on Energy with Ameren Illinois to sharing “How We Changed Our Financial Blueprint” with Money Saving Mom.

My work has been featured in the following locations:

I Offer the Following Professional Services

  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Sponsored Posts on my website
  • Unbiased reviews of your service or products
  • In-person guest appearances
  • On-line webinars
  • On-line guest appearances
  • Professional voiceover talent services

Let’s connect!

I can be reached at: hope@underthemedian.com