How to Save On Energy Costs Webinar

You can’t ignore your utility bill. It arrives in the mail with Swiss watch consistency. You need lights and gas. Yet, the cost can sometimes threaten to sink your budgetary boat.

I am a real customer, not a utility company employee. I give you “boots on the ground advice – stuff that has actually worked for my family.

I want to arm you with a multitude of tips and strategies for reducing energy usage, lowering your utility bills, and giving your budget breathing room.

All the information you need to begin saving is available in this free webinar that I recently did for Ameren Illinois.

I cover:

  • 4 Ways your energy usage may be changing and how to reduce their impact on your bills
  • How understanding your habits can change the way you use energy
  • Summertime savings strategies to lower your utility usage during hot months

You’ll learn:

  • Why you actually pay twice for the water you use
  • How to create a fun family energy saving challenge
  • Why your energy provider is your first line of defense in lowering your bill
  • Appropriate usage of fans to improve your comfort
  • How to reduce dreaded vampire power

Most importantly, I tell you how every tip worked for my family and how much money we saved.

Check out the FREE webinar by clicking here or on the image below

If you’re ready to be empowered to save even more on your energy bills, check out my book. The Home Energy Savings Guide.

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