Avoid the Daily, 5pm, No Food, No Plan Freakout!

It’s suppertime.

  • Your kids are whining (and grabbing snack food when you aren’t looking).
  • Your feet are tired from working all day.
  • Your stomach is growling.
  • You have no clue what is in the cupboards, the pantry, or the freezer.
  • There is absolutely no sign of supper in sight.
  • You are about to give in to the siren song of the takeout menu you have posted on the kitchen wall.

Does this sad scenario sound familiar?

It doesn’t need to.

You can take control of your time, money, and nutrition.

Never again will you:

  • Resort to restaurant food (multiple times a week).
  • Feel guilty about the quality of food that you are feeding your kids.
  • Despair, wondering if anything will ever change.

Menu Planning Made Easy gives you quick, short, and sweet, to-the-point help.

It begins with a step-by-step plan to help you know what ingredients you already have on hand.

Then, the easy-to-follow forms allow you to organize your pantry, freezer, fresh food, and shopping list.

Finally, there are a variety of weekly menu forms. (So you can pick the style that works best for your family).

Saving Time and Money Is Easier Than You Think

For years, I panicked multiple times a week as I looked at the clock, realized that the day had flown by, and I was (once again) looking at an empty dinner table at 5pm. I had no plan – no idea what was in the house – and no excuse to give my family.

Sighing, I either grabbed for the phone to ask my husband to grab something on the way home or announced to the family that it was a “pancakes for supper night”.

The guilt was overwhelming. Why couldn’t I “get it together?”

One day, I realized the biggest issue was that I truly had no idea what was even in my pantry, or freezer, or refrigerator. Not only that, I had no way to track it (even if I did know the contents). Added to that, I lacked a place to post a plan of action in the form of a weekly menu.

Slowly, I gathered information and ideas.

Within weeks, I had put a plan into action… and it was working!

We were eating (and not junky dinners, either).

The kids were happier.

I stopped my nightly mealtime panic.

There was a menu posted on the fridge every Monday, which did away with the persistent, “What’s for dinner” questions.

I put all of the forms I created to keep myself on task, on schedule, and on point when it came to feeding my family into one, super-helpful, short eBook.