A single moment in the fall of 2008 changed our lives.

On a warm, autumn afternoon, a drug dealer ran through our front yard, closely followed by the police. Our children had been playing in the front yard just thirty seconds before.

Sadly, it wasn’t the first time that violence had erupted in the neighborhood. In fact, the echos of gunfire had become an all-too-common occurrence.

That event lit a Mount Kilamanjaro-sized fire in our bellies. We realized that our children’s safety was at risk and we needed to move – the sooner the better.

We stripped our already cramped budget down to the the bare bottom basics, adding up nickels and dimes to make dollars. We gave ourselves twenty-four months to save $30,000.

Our income hovered near $40,000 a year.

Our new mantra became, “If we can’ t eat it or wear it, we don’t need it.” As we learned to work together with the precision of a Swiss-made watch, the nest-egg, which represented our future home, began to grow.

Twenty months later, in August of 2010, we reached our goal and bought a new home, in a great neighborhood.

We paid cash.

We don’t give you pie-in-the-sky advice!  We’ve been in the trenches and lived with little.

We also know the power of the gift of faith, as you decide that nothing will keep you from meeting your goals and you learn to depend on the grace of God, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and the provision of a power greater than your own.

If you’re ready to

Kick debt to the curb

Live life intentionally

Grab great big, nearly impossible goals with both hands

and refuse to let go

Stick with us! You’ll develop:

  • Ninja-like, money-saving reflexes
  • the ability to spot a bargain from 300 paces
  • super savvy shopper know-how

We started with nothing!

“We married in 1988, each making $5 an hour, knowing next to nothing about budgeting. Three months later, our bank account registered nearly zero!

We had a choice to make. Would we continue our current spending habits and sink into debt, or look our situation square in the face, embrace delayed gratification, and learn to live within our means?”

Our journey began as we learned to:

  • Live on a monthly written budget
  • Believe God for provision
  • Practice contentment
  • Embrace delayed gratification
  • Dream big dreams – and then come up with a game plan to make them happen!

We have discovered the secrets of

spending less

saving more

living with a spirit of joy and abundance – every, single day.

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