Discover the secret to spending less, saving more, and living the life you really want – knowing your finances are under control.

If recent rapid inflation left you…

  • Frequently Googling, “Budget Meal Ideas” as the price of basic ingredients kept rising  and the cost of meat soared.
  • Repeatedly adjusting your thermostat, as electric supply costs doubled – and so did your energy bills.
  • Avoiding filling the gas tank until absolutely necessary – and then feeling the pain at the pump as you pulled more money out of your pocket to pay.  

You’re not alone.

If you feel STUCK and unable to make progress on any of your money goals, you need hope and guidance from a couple who figured out how to stretch their money and reach financial goals (even on low income).

If you’re ready to

Kick debt to the curb, spend money intentionally, and grab great big goals with both handsyou’re in the right place!

We’re Hope and Larry and we love helping people learn how to save more money, without feeling deprived.

We started with nothing!

“We married in 1988, each making $5 an hour, knowing next to nothing about budgeting. Three months later, our bank account registered zero! We were in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and had no idea where our money was going.

We realized we had a choice to make.

We could continue our current spending habits and sink further into debt,…

or look our situation square in the face, learn to prioritize budgeting, research frugality skills, and embrace living within our means.

We’ve spent the past 35 years learning to:

  • Live on a monthly written budget (and track our expenses)
  • Practice contentment (and find joy in simplicity)
  • Believe for provision from God (and be thankful for it)
  • Clearly define needs (instead of wants)
  • Research and learn frugality skills (which helped us grow small amounts of money into big money, over time)
  • Consistently set financial goals – and then come up with a game plan to make them happen!

On an income which was under the national average, we paid cash for:

  • Cars
  • Vacations
  • Our current Home
  • Home improvements

Frugality skills work when you need them the most.

On a warm, autumn afternoon, a drug dealer ran through our front yard, closely followed by the police. Our children had been playing in the front yard just thirty seconds before. Sadly, it wasn’t the first time that violence had erupted in the neighborhood. In fact, the echos of gunfire had become an all-too-common occurrence.

That event lit a Mount Kilamanjaro-sized fire in our bellies. We realized that our children’s safety was at risk and we needed to move – the sooner the better.

We stripped our budget down to the the bare bottom basics, adding up nickels and dimes to make dollars. We needed to save $30,000-fast – when our income hovered near $40,000 a year.

We learned to work together on a whole new level as the nest-egg, which represented our future home, began to grow. Twenty months later, in August of 2010, we reached our goal and paid cash for a new home, in a great neighborhood.

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The bottom line

We don’t give you pie-in-the-sky advice!  We’ve been in the trenches and learned how to make frugal choices with our money every day – decisions which meant we were able to consistently make progress toward reaching our goals (even those which looked impossible to others).

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