Never pay full price for produce again.


In the Produce Seasonal Savings Guide you’ll learn,

  • The secrets of exactly when to buy produce at the peak of freshness
  • When to look for the lowest price
  • How to properly store fruits and vegetables
  • Easy steps you can take to prolong shelf life

You’ll never

  • eat $4 a pound strawberries again! (Instead, you’ll be buying them in the spring when they are at their lowest price and then freezing them to enjoy all winter long.)
  • wonder how to keep peaches from turning brown and mushy. (Instead, you’ll consult our exclusive “Keep Food Fresh” guide and know to keep them on the counter until they are ripe and then move them to the fridge to extend their shelf-life by four more days.

This eBook comes with:

  • our exclusive “Keep Food Fresh Guide”
  • produce recommendations for each season of the year
  • seasonal fruit and vegetable lists
  • pro-tips from my personal experience