Reduce Stress when You Practice Free and Easy Self-care

Being stuck inside 24/7 is taking an emotional toll on us all. Sheltering at home may have started with a sense of anticipation of more time to enjoy family, hobbies, reading, catching up on household projects. However, after a few weeks all that time together is beginning to fray nerves. Finding balance will be essential in the days ahead.

Here are 25 quick and easy ways to indulge in self-care without spending any money.

Take a Walk

Exercise at Home


Take a Hot Bath

Cook Comfort Food

Drink a Hot Cup of Tea

Learn a New Skill

Meditate or Pray

Read a Book


Work a Puzzle

Eat Chocolate

Give Yourself a Facial

Organize a Closet or Room

Start a Gratitude Journal

Recite Bible Verses or Positive Affirmations

Practice Forgiveness

Play Inspiring Music


Take a Nap

Go on a Picnic

Reconnect with Friends

Play a Card Game

Get on a Schedule

Unplug from Media

Your turn!

What do you do when you need to destress? Leave us your best ideas in the comments section below.

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