Have you ever wondered how to get your kids to

help you around the house

work together as a team

care about doing a good job

Then, this free resource is for you!


Hey, mama! Sometimes you just need a helping hand.

If you’ve ever looked around your house and grimaced at

  • piles of unfolded laundry
  • carpets that need to be swept
  • a sink full of dishes
  • and about a million Legos scattered all over your floor

then I am right there with you.

Some days, I wondered if the entire house would ever be clean… at the same time.

I had hazy daydreams of being able to hire a maid. I fantasized that one day people would arrive unexpectedly and I wouldn’t need to apologize for one, single thing.

I realized that I had one problem … I needed help!

Looking around at my loving family, I also realized that I already had help – in the form of small boy hands and small boy feet.

The next day, I announced that we were forming an exclusive club … the Happy Helpers Club.

In this free resource, I unveil all of our exclusive club secrets – which you can use to form your own merry band of willing, thoughtful helpers.

Request your free copy of “Quick Start Guide for Children and Chores”

You can:

Build excitement about learning new skills

Teach older children how to mentor younger siblings

Give your children the gift of a strong work ethic

And have a whole lot of fun at the same time!