The Importance of Learning to Forgive Yourself

I am about to get very real with you about a problem that I have (and maybe you have, too.) 

When I make a mistake, for which I would gladly forgive another individual, I have a really hard time doing the same for myself. 

I HATE making mistakes. 

I recently loaded the oven up with three loaves of bread and then walked downstairs to grab some hot supper. My husband and I were getting ready to watch a Film Noir from the 1940s. I got all engrossed in the movie and totally forgot the bread. 

Larry said something which triggered my mind to remember the bread. Frantically, I ran at breakneck speed up the stairs to find the very brown, very dry loaves of bread in the oven. 

They weren’t black (thank goodness), but they are not really going to be good for anything but cutting them up and processing into breadcrumbs. 

I was devastated! It takes about three hours to bake bread and now I was certain that I would be starting the process over again the next morning. 

It is hard for me to get perspective when I am the one who has messed up. 

Don’t get “stuck”

When you sink into a quagmire of self-reproach and self-doubt, then you get stuck! It becomes hard to for you to move on with any goal in your life.

That’s why it’s important to remember that you are human. God did not make us to be perfect. When we fail, we learn to ask Him for guidance and trust Him more.

Be sure your self-talk isn’t sabotaging your goals and dreams.

People are imperfect.

People make mistakes.

People forget things. (like setting an oven timer)

Does this resonate with you? 

It was only hours later,  when I saw this image on Facebook, that I was finally able to let myself off the hook. 

Wow! It hit the nail on the head! So, if you are like me, remember that these are NOT normal times.

We are busy doing things that we don’t normally do (Like baking bread twice a week).

Mistakes will happen.

Tempers will flare. 

The bread will burn. 

And that’s okay. Frustration is a normal part of life. So is making mistakes. It means that you are human. 

Remember to cut yourself some slack and treat yourself with the same degree of grace and kindness which you apply to others. 

Tomorrow is another day

It may be an unexpected baking day. But, yes, it’s still another day … and I get a chance to watch the bread more carefully this time. 

8 thoughts on “The Importance of Learning to Forgive Yourself”

  1. I’ve had to remind myself over and over these past few months that these aren’t normal times. Some days I wake up feeling sad or down…totally unlike me…and have to remember that I’m processing some really strange circumstances:) But God has been my refuge for every unwelcome emotion, and you’re right…I’ve learned to give myself a break😊 Great thoughts!

    • Cindy, thanks for your lovely comment. I’ve struggled with it, too. Helping my kids process the changes has actually been good for me, because when I tell them, “These are not normal times. It’s okay to be sad or frustrated.” it actually reminds me to give myself the same grace which I am affording them.

  2. Hope, thank you for sharing this struggle! I have the same problem. I’m not good at showing grace to myself either! During this time, it can be even harder. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. This is a beautiful reminder during a difficult time. Thank you for the encouragement to forgive myself and be gentle with myself. I’m working hard to be kind and patient with others as well, remembering that others are struggling in ways seen and unseen.

    • Katrina, I’m with you. What a great reminder that we all need to cut each other some much-needed slack, especially right now. You are so right.


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