Stop believing the lie that you can’t travel without spending an arm and a leg!

Hey, frugal family! You can vacation in style and still stay on a budget.

Economical travel begins with planning each element of your trip.



Restaurants and Food

Experiences and Souvenirs

Confidently plan your next trip with the Frugal Family Vacation Worksheet


Vacations should be about

Having Grand Adventures

Bonding with Friends and Family

Laughing Long and Loud

Relaxing and Recharging

Nothing is worse than returning home and spending the next few months slowly – and painfully –

pinching pennies to pay for your trip.

What would it feel like to leave on your next trip knowing you have:

Created a reasonable, well-thought-out budget

Crafted a plan to pay for each specific aspect of the trip

Carved out plenty of money for “fun and games”

Get started today by requesting a copy of the frugal family vacation budget worksheet.